1. Jewish liturgy and worship is made up of a litany of prayers. There are prayers we use in public worship, and prayers we say at home, and still more prayers we recite privately at certain times.

Below is a list of common prayers. You will find Hebrew versions of the prayers in downloadable PDF form, as well as audio recordings of the prayers being recited. As with all aspects of Jewish ritual life, if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact our clergy.




Blessing for the Shabbat Candles

Blessing for the Study of Torah

Haftarah Blessing

Haftarah Trope


Kindergarten Torah Song

Mah Tovu

Mi Chamocha

One Liner (Chatima) pg. 179

One Liner (Chatima) pg. 199

One Liner (Chatima) pg. 211

One Liner (Chatima) pg. 212

Shema V'ahavta

Sim Shalom

Tallit Blessing

Torah Blessings

Torah Trope




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