Youth Programs for High School

Project Connect

Project Connect, our senior youth group, is open to all ninth through twelve grade students in the congregation. This motivated,peer-led group is led by student ambassadors along with the guidance of their advisors. They participate in social, social action, religious, and cultural programming, as well as connect with other teens from around the Southeast region. Participants have their choice of projects (Fit, Create, Engage, and Justice) to join and be involved with.

Project Gesher Peer Leaders

We look forward to another successful year of Gesher for 7th, 8th and 9th grade students. Five times during the year, our middle school students meet with 11th & 12th grade peer leaders to discuss pertinent Jewish teen issues. In addition, the Gesher Peer Leaders travel with our students on their class trips to Tennessee or Florida/New Orleans. 

Project Madrichim & Project Tzadikim

Eleventh and twelfth grade students areencouraged to sign up to work as teacher’s aides in one of the lower elementaryreligious school classrooms. Madrichim (literally “leaders” in Hebrew) arevalued members of the religious school faculty who assist teachers in allaspects of the curriculum. Eleventh and twelfth grade students may also chooseto apply to work as tzadikim (righteous assistants) in the religious schoolprogram. These students work as assistants to students with learning needs,under the guidance of our learning specialist. Volunteer hours are given forboth programs.

Eighth and ninth graders also serve as assistant madrichim and tzadikim on Sunday mornings as part of their curriculum. These students not only assist in the classrooms and with students,but also attend regular workshops with our education staff to help build their skills in the classroom.

Project Tolerance

TBRS is proud to host another year of Project Tolerance. This group of high schoolers directed by Mira Hirsch come together to create a moving and entertaining performance piece about inclusion of others. During Project Tolerance, participants look at past behaviors, such as those that lead to the Holocaust, to understand how to create a better world for tomorrow – to ensure “Never Again”. Performances are held for middle and high school audiences throughout the year. Project Tolerance is an affiliate of the ADL’s “No Place for Hate” campaign.

For more information on any of our high school programming, please contact Elizabeth Foster



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