Temple Connect: Affinity

These are the originals, based on interests and needs/stages of life. Below, you can find a list of the groups you can join.  Just click on the group leaders name and email them with your interest. 

Acapella Singers: Karen Kerness

Adult Israel Trip Reunion: Caki and Larry MendelSusie Collat, Jennifer Bush Otte  

Hey, people on our recent Israel trip – let’s get together!  We’ll meet up and then decide what we want to do. 


Aging Parents II:  Loren Solomon

Find the resources for which you've been searching in order to make informed decisions regarding your aging parents and discover along the way the people that will be making the journey alongside you.

All Ages Hiking Group: Duane Cox

The All Ages Hiking Group is for beginners, novices and experienced hikers of all ages and physical abillities wanting to hike local trails.  The pace will be varied for all participants to enjoy with basic techniques and gear presented.  My goals are for all participants to have fun in the great ourdoors by connecting with others and nature simultaneously.

 Ayekah: Karen George   

Ayeka ("Where are you?") is what God asks Adam in the Garden of Eden.  Our group enjoys leaving the "noise" of our lives at the door so that we can explore where we are in our relationship with God.  The friendship and trust that grows within the group is just one of many ways that our text-based discussions will endow our daily lives, relationships, and routines with higher purpose. 


Books Worth Studying: Jan Rice    

We will take on books from which we’ll derive more if we divide them into manageable sections and study them together month by month.  Welcome to all who love reading and learning about Jewish ideas and ideas relating to Judaism. For May 2017 we're reading the novel The Mathematician's Shiva by Stuart Rojstaczer -- our first selection of a work of fiction.  Then for summer and fall 2017 we're taking up James Carroll's Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews.  Meetings are usually on fourth Wednesdays, 3:00-4:30 PM.

Bereavement Group: Barbara & Bob Greene

"Death ends a life not a relationship." We are so blessed that Temple members Dr. Robert Greene MD, a retired surgical oncologist and hospice director, and Dr. Barbara Greene PhD, a psychologist who specialized in grief groups, are offering a free, bimonthly bereavement group to help deal with the loss of a loved one and to honor the experiences of the bereaved.  Whether you have recently experienced a loss or there’s more distance in time from your loved ones passing; whether you need just one session or many; whether you want to schedule ahead of time or wake up that day discovering a need to talk about your experience – coming to this group will be an act of love for yourself and others, and way to honor of your loved one.  Second and Fourth Wednesdays of the month at 1:30 – 3:00 pm in the Adult Media Center.  For more information and to RSVP, contact Dr. Robert Greene at rjgbbg@yahoo.com

Chai on Life Moms: Stacy Hyken, Andie Scher

Come join other Temple moms on Sunday mornings as we get active while exploring the outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful scenery Atlanta has to offer.  We will exercise, de-stress and have fun out on the water, trails, and parks while the kids are in Sunday school.  

Dads and Donuts: Colby Schwartz

It’s a three-way win. You bring your kids to the playground on Sunday morning, rotate who brings the donuts and coffee, watch your kids go bananas together, get to hang out with fellow WELC dads, AND give your partner a couple of kid-free hours. I mean, can you beat this?

Folk/Country Singing/Coffeehouse Group: Paula Krone

Do you enjoy playing and singing folk and country songs (English, Hebrew or other languages)?  Bring your instruments and join us on weekend afternoons.  Guitars, banjos, ukuleles, fiddles, mandolins, keyboards as well as percussion and wind instruments are all welcome.  Let’s connect and have some fun while learning to play each other’s favorite songs, and plan some coffee house events where we can invite others to sing along.  Beginners as well as more seasoned players welcome.


Gormet Cooking: Ron Lipp - FULL

This small intimate group of food lovers will participate in the planning and preparation of 5-6 gourmet meals and a field trip each calendar year.  Participants will rotate in hosting the "theme dinners" at their homes with the other members preparing one to two dishes.

Honeymoon Israel: Yang Yang & Brian Weiss

For participants of the recent trip to Israel for newly weds. 

Intermediate Bridge:  Jackie Metzel

We meet at The Temple on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month for bridge, conversation,  and fun. 

Israel Conversations: Tom Keating

An anonymous author once wrote, “Each person has one thing to say, and the rest is an exaggeration.” That person did not know members of the Temple Connect group on Israel. Join up to a dozen participants and discuss Israel in a conversational, not confrontational, way. Each Temple member may self-select a topic and facilitate an hour discussion with examples based on readings, art, popular culture,  and media coverage. 


Jews of Color: Reagan JenningsTrinae Watkins 

Jews have always resembled the people within the boundaries of where they live, whether in Africa, Asia, or Europe.  Why should American Jews be an exception? Racial and Ethnic boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred; the American Jewish community is also shifting.  Please join us as we look at the changing faces of the Jewish people ranging from Jewish communities in Africa (some are 2,500 years old), Jews from Spain, India and adopted children of color in white Jewish families. We will examine the Jewish experience through the lenses of Jews of Color by exploring the traditions,sadness and joys of distinct communities of African American Jews to the growing number of religious seekers of all races who hope to find a home in Judaism. Please email Reagan Jennings if you are interested in becoming a part this unique connect group. Everyone is welcome. 


Lean In: Mariella VolioLesley Solomon   

Small group of working moms who meet once a month to learn and grow together. The goal of the group is to create peer support as we navigate the joys and struggles of being working moms. Topics of discussion will start with work-life balance, parenting and finding me-time, and will evolve based on the members' interests.

Mah Jongg: Elaine Clear 

Have you ever wanted to learn Mah Jongg?  Me too!  Let's meet on a week day at The Temple, learn how to play Mah Jongg, and have a ton of fun together.

Mah Jongg 2: Wendy Ludwig - FULL

Have you ever wanted to learn Mah Jongg?  Me too!  Let's meet on a week day at The Temple, learn how to play Mah Jongg, and have a ton of fun together.

Mah Jongg 3: Adrienne Boyer

New connections, new interests, new friends, new horizons.  It is fun to learn a new game, but it will be wonderful to connect with women that would not otherwise be in our Temple circle.  Beginners and experienced players welcome.  Monday evening 7:00-9:00 

Midtown Assistance Center: Mitch Wirth

If you have ever volunteered with MAC or donated money or food, you know what an amazing organization this is. We provide direct service to those in need within our section of the Peachtree corridor. We know that there are others out there who care about MAC – and we want to get together to see what else we can do to benefit this wonderful place. Join us for monthly meetings to figure how to take The Temple’s commitment to service to the next level.


Moms and Tots Yoga: Judy Berk

Yoga is good for people of all ages, even our preschool aged kids. Join us one Sunday a month to do yoga with your child – gain a sense of peace and connection with your little one and meet some new friends. Everyone wins!

Shomer Tevah:  (PROTECT NATURE): Jackie Metzel

We are environmentalists and conservationists who wish to educate, to care for, and to take action to protect our planet.    

Temple Bakers: Civia Gerber

Do you love to bake? So do we! We'll meet at The Temple monthly and bake tasty treats to be provided after Shabbat services. A great mitzvah and a great way to make new friends.

Temple Clergy Group: Rabbi Lydia Medwin FULL

Yes – even your clergy are in a small group! We follow a brit, have relational time, and otherwise spend quality time together, teaching and learning from each other along the way.

Temple Connect @ Paideia:  Liz Sommerfeld

The purpose of our group is to make the Temple feel a little smaller, to celebrate and promote awareness of Jewish holidays at Paideia, and to share information on everything from babysitters to summer camp to colleges with a vibrant Jewish life. We are just getting started but hope to meet regularly during the school year both to socialize with each other and for Tikkun Olam.  

Temple Core Team: Rabbi Lydia Medwin

Temple Heads: Rabbi Micah Lapidus, Dan Medwin, Robert Simon

Shakedown: Are you a frustrated yet relentlessly optimistic Dead Head? When you’ve had a long day do you throw on a great version of “He’s Gone” and embrace the wisdom of the line, “Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile”? When meeting a new colleague, associate, or neighbor do you ask, as Uncle John’s Band did, “Are you kind?” If so, join fellow Temple Heads as we take our love of The Grateful Dead FURTHUR by finding opportunities to catch shows of all genres that we might otherwise be too busy to know about let alone attend. Let “inspiration move you brightly” as we join forces to “keep truckin’ on” thereby ensuring that everyone knows “our love won’t fade away.” 


Temple Members from Russia and Eastern Europe – Gavriel Dzhanov

Are you from anywhere in the Former Soviet Union? Would you like to meet up with other Temple members who are too? Join us as we share our stories and get to know each other in the present, perhaps over a little taste of something from our pasts.

The Art of Aging: Arline Browder

Did you ever wonder how you got to "this age" so quickly?  Is 70 eally the new 50?  As a group we will start by reading the new book Wise Aging by Cowen and Thal, and discuss the scenarios the authors have set before us.  We will draw on each others experiences and gain insight through feedback we share.

Theatre Group: Hank Kimmel, Pamela Gold Alexander   

Come share a love of theatre with us -- as we explore the various ways theatre shapes and uplifts our Jewish souls in its capacity to tell compelling stories that touch and connect us to each other.  Be prepared to discuss, read (and maybe even get on your feet to act!), in a safe and non-judgmental setting meant to foster creativity and interaction. We will plan to take in a show or two of the group's choosing.  Come play with us -- no prior theatre knowledge or experience necessary!

What Are We Making For Dinner?...Reservations!  Jill Ferst & Joe Ferst

This group would be for those interested in exploring the interesting and diverse cuisine that is available in Atlanta’s restaurants. We are interested in discovering restaurants that are hidden gems in Atlanta’s culinary milieu. If you like good food and enjoy eating out with friends, we are the group for you.

With Strings and Pipes: Doug Pike 

For those who love to make (“classical” or “art”) music, this group will provide an opportunity to practice and play together.  As Olivier Messiaen wrote his Quartet for the End of Time for the four instruments available in the Stalag, we will select music that conforms to who is available.  While performances are not out of the question, differing skill levels are expected and welcome; the goal is to enjoy ourselves.  



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